Tips for Displaying Work Awards in the Office

Tips for Displaying Work Awards in the Office

The awards you’ve won are clearly nothing to be ashamed of, yet choosing which ones you will display in your office can be a tall order. Much like building your resume, what you pick to announce to your clients and co-workers in the office setting can say a lot about who you are and what their expectations of you should be. Even after you’ve picked out all the work-appropriate awards you would like to showcase, how and where you display these symbols of accomplishment can affect both your productivity and your public perception. Following these tips for displaying work awards in the office will ensure that you have the right trophies in the right places.

On a Desk

The first place that comes to mind when we think of workplace décor is the desk. Placing awards on your desk facing you is a great way to inspire yourself to keep striving toward your goals. Placing awards on your desk facing outward lets your visitors know that what you’ve achieved is something you consider personal and distinctive. If clients sit across from you, awards displayed on the desk are an upfront way to show them your qualifications right off the bat. Be careful to avoid adding so many items that décor turns to clutter, of course.

On a Shelf

Displaying your awards on shelves is a common way to let people see your achievements in the office. Shelves often also feature photos expressing interest in hobbies or family, which suggest that you are a well-rounded person when displayed alongside awards and trophies. Keeping awards and other personal items on open surfaces like shelves means frequently dusting your space to keep any dusty object from giving the impression of unimportance.

In a Case

For awards that are delicate or valuable, a glass display case in your office can speak volumes. Putting any object into a glass display case shows just how seriously you take your success. These displays can be demanding when it comes to office space, and though dust won’t settle on objects in a closed environment, the glass should be cleaned if touched. Be wary of a display that is too large, as it may come across as self-important or unapproachable.

In a Frame

Framed documents hung on the walls of your office space are essential pieces of décor that add to a sense of pride and well-earned success. Framed diplomas and certificates increase your credibility with co-workers and clients, and framing newsletters or articles that celebrate you and your team’s wins shows a deep appreciation for the work you’ve done. While hanging too many images or documents on the wall can be disorienting, a few well-placed frames can guide visitors to wherever you want them to look.

No matter how you choose to display your award, we hope these tips for displaying work awards in the office have helped you understand the ups and downs of every option. If you’ve recently received a workplace award and would like to return the honor, consider the beautiful and elegant crystal boss appreciation gifts at Crystal Central to show your team lead how much you value and respect their hard work.

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