The Five Best Simple But Effective Ways To Show Your Employees You Care

Creating a fun and fulfilling work environment is a major key in reaching absolute job satisfaction in the workplace. In fact, even statistics say 86% of workplaces with recognition programs cite increased levels of overall worker happiness.

Workers who are happier with their place of work, tend to be more productive—maximizing both their and the company’s potential. Implementing these programs has its benefits, but there are other ways to demonstrate to your employees that you care for them.

If you are interested in learning the top ways you can increase worker happiness through the distribution of retirement awards and years of service plaques, keep reading.

Promote a healthy and positive office environment: The importance of employee years of service plaque

This is a rather broad tip and can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But the bottom line is that a healthy office environment is honest. It’s a place where employees feel free to give transparent feedback and vice versa. Make sure to conduct weekly check-ins with every department head. If this gets too overwhelming, have a suggestion box so that everyone has the chance to voice their concerns. Make a routine of reading through them every week and try to make mindful and beneficial changes that will leave your employees feeling heard.

Recognizing their accomplishments and devotion

You can acknowledge your employees by holding small award ceremonies at the end of every quarter. If an employee is retiring, you can show your appreciation by honoring them with an employee years of service plaque to commemorate their hard work. This anniversary plaque or employee years of service plaque will serve as a reminder of your gratitude for years to come.

Have designated stations in the office for socializing

When the workload gets stressful, having a designated area to let off some steam is a great idea. Set up a comfortable couch in the break room. Or stock everyone’s favorite coffee in the lounge area. Make these areas exclusively for socializing or for taking a break away from the office.


There’s no doubt that every employer wants the best for their employees, In order to run to its best abilities, an office must work like a well-oiled machine—all the components are equally essential. If your employees are feeling as if they’re being seen and heard, you’ll be sure to create a positive and productive workplace.

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