Picking a Gift for a Partner Who Says They Want Nothing

Picking a Gift for a Partner Who Says They Want Nothing

As someone who loves doing for others, you may find that hearing a partner say they don’t want anything can pull the fun out of gift-giving. If you’re having trouble picking a gift for a partner who says they want nothing, you may need to think outside the box and get sentimental.

Honor Their Life Efforts

Many people who struggle to express what they want nowadays do so because online shopping has made buying things for themselves instantaneous. Buying the book or game they wanted was easy, so they don’t have a wish list anymore. However, no one would think to buy a gift for themselves honoring their passions, efforts, and achievements.

Consider a customized award that thanks them for years of service or volunteering efforts, congratulates them on all the amazing things you know they’ve done, or celebrates even the smallest victories. These can be a fun yet extremely sentimental gift for a partner who says they want nothing.

Choose Something Sentimental

If your partner doesn’t want anything for themselves, they might still appreciate a celebration of your lives together. Choosing a romantic gift or one that celebrates your marriage turns the gift into one you share, ideal for someone who doesn’t enjoy hogging the spotlight.

Giving a crystal plaque as your 1st- or 15th-anniversary gift can perfectly suit a partner who isn’t a fan of the typical flowers and chocolates, and it gives them something gorgeous to display in the home that commemorates your partnership.

Avoid Making a Big Show

While you know your partner better than anyone else, it’s safe to say that most people who don’t want a gift aren’t expecting a huge celebration either. If you choose to give a more sentimental gift like a customized crystal plaque, deliver it personally with warmth and love. These deeply meaningful, stunning gifts tap into the emotions associated with life-long bonds and dedicated efforts, so it’s best to present them with a tone to match.

Consider taking your partner out to experience something new or visit a comfortable spot that you two have shared for many years. There, you can enjoy each other’s company and set the stage for the perfect handoff of a gift that they didn’t ask for but will undoubtedly appreciate.

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