How to Show Appreciation for Law Enforcement

How to Show Appreciation for Law Enforcement

Police officers have an incredibly hard job. They patrol roads, provide medical aid, deescalate dangerous situations, investigate crimes, and wear many other hats. In a day, they may do all of these things and more. To thank them for their impossibly difficult role, here’s how you can show your appreciation for law enforcement.

Speak With Officers

Many police officers today feel ostracized. Because people associate the violent or abusive actions of some cops with every officer, quality officers feel more alone than ever when in uniform. To show your appreciation for law enforcement members, strike up a conversation. Showing you trust and want to engage with them as people humanizes each officer you come across.

As you go—the conversation doesn’t have to last long—thank them for doing a dangerous job and wish them safety in the future. That kind of gesture sticks with an officer long after you leave.

Recognize Their Accomplishments With a Plaque

For police officers you know personally, go all-out to recognize them. Buy a custom crystal plaque to thank them just because or buy a special retirement plaque for police officers as their service comes to a close. If they are struggling with their job recently, it may be the perfect time to order one.

A plaque is the best way to concretely celebrate officers’ years of difficult yet persistent service. They are beautiful pieces that remind them of their ultimate purpose for good and indicate your enduring support for them.

Buy Them a Meal

One final idea for thanking officers: cover their meal when they’re out. Whether they are sitting down to eat with their family after a long day or standing behind you at a fast food location, covering their tab anonymously does the trick.

Rather than feel like people around them look down on them because of their uniform, your good deed is a great comfort for cops. It signals there are people around them that support their good work.

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