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How Can I Show My Pastor I Appreciate Them This Easter?

Easter is right around the corner and chances are your congregation is getting ready for some fun celebrations. Everyone at the church, especially your pastor, is doing their part to make sure everything goes well.

Unfortunately, pastors and other ministry leaders are often under a lot of stress. Major events and the expectations that accompany them can cause anxiety, exhaustion, and burnout.

The good news is, you can make your pastor's job just a little bit easier by showing them your appreciation for all their hard work in the following ways.

Ask work-related questions later in the week

Preaching and leading in worship requires a lot of energy. On Sundays, in particular, your pastor is going to be focused on worship rather than church business.

That said, if you need to talk business, it might be a better idea to do it during the week. Ask your pastor when you can call them to discuss work-related matters so they can focus their attention on preaching and not on the other work that needs to be done.

Talk about the fun stuff with your pastor

Social events are a great opportunity to visit with church members and to get to know the congregation better. Easter is one of those events.

One of the best ways you can show your appreciation for your pastor is to help them have fun during these events. Pastors do serious work, but it's important that they also remember to have their own fair share of fun. Instead of talking to your pastor about hymn choices for the next worship, ask them about their family or friends or what plans they have for next week.

Offer gifts of appreciation

Everyone gives gifts differently. For some, it means offering to say the blessing. For others, it means giving a pastor retirement plaque on your pastor's last day at the church.

Whichever act is more your style your pastor will be happy to know you appreciate them and what they do for your church.

Looking for pastor appreciation gifts this spring?

Approximately 91% of pastors have said they've experienced some type of burnout during their time in the ministry. It's important to let your pastor know you care about them and that you appreciate the work they do for your congregation.

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