Gifts to Give a Police Academy Graduate

Gifts to Give a Police Academy Graduate

Graduating from the police academy takes endurance and smarts, and the occasion deserves recognition. As cadets step into the role of certified police officer, they transition into a stressful and high-responsibility position. To make this transition more palatable and celebrate their accomplishment, you’re going to need a great gift for them. To help, here are some gifts to give a police academy graduate.

Something Commemorative

Your first option is to get something distinguished—a fine commemorative item to help them remember this moment and understand the significance of their accomplishment. A dedicated police academy graduation plaque is a concrete representation of their hard work that they can use to adorn their desk and keep forever. An engraved pen accomplishes a similar purpose and is a really functional gift. How impressive will they feel filling out their first official paperwork with a quality engraved pen? Finally, to strike a serious and sincere note, buy your graduate a prayer tag or something else they can tote around with them throughout their day. This gift encourages them and lets them know people think of them as they patrol and otherwise go about a dangerous job.

Something Funny

Funny police academy graduate gifts are another quality option. Buy all the classic cop comedies to give them a not-so-accurate but comical impression of life as a policeman. Buddy cop movies in particular are a can’t-miss gift that absolutely fit the occasion. Who knows, you may kick off their police movie personal collection. Otherwise, a simple gag gift doesn’t suffice. Rather, get a funny gift with some purpose such as a police badge bottle opener.

Something Practical

Our final note—buy something practical for their on-the-job life. One classic practical gift is a quality sturdy watch. To keep tabs on the time while on the go, they’ll need something close to them. Also, a quality watch helps keep precise records when officers go to fill out their paperwork. A solid notebook is also a nice addition to an officer’s repertoire that helps them get into the swing of their new job.

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