Gift Ideas for Your Church’s Volunteers

Gift Ideas for Your Church’s Volunteers

Where would the church be without its generous, wonderful volunteers? Letting them know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication is critical to maintaining a happy, well-trained group of volunteers for your church's ministry.

These gestures of gratitude don't have to be grand. There's an endless list of small, inexpensive ways you can show your volunteers that they're important. Consider trying out these simple gift ideas for your church's volunteers.

Letter of Gratitude

Penning a short, sweet message of thanks isn't only effective, but it's easy to do. Purchase a big box of thank you cards and start writing.

If your volunteer group is smaller, try to personalize your letters. Highlight something specific they've done to help the church. Commending specific actions of theirs will brighten up your volunteer’s day.

Celebration Dinner

Food is everyone's favorite gift. Surprise your volunteers with a grand feast. It can be a large, communal breakfast, a coffee and donut break for brunch, or an extravagant dinner.

Bring enough food for everyone and try to take everyone’s different tastes and dietary restrictions into account. Offer vegan and gluten-free options and avoid common allergens, such as nuts and seafood, in the main dishes.

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Set aside a special day for your volunteers that’s meant to celebrate them, their accomplishments, and any contributions they’ve made to the church. Plan a meal and other fun events, such as a game or movie night. Highlight the volunteers that have gone above and beyond and point out things that they've done exceptionally well as a team.

Provide childcare to volunteers with children or involve their kids in the event. Setting up a small play area full of games, toys, and snacks is usually enough to keep them occupied.

If you can, provide volunteers with a small gift to take home. This can be a gift bag, a letter, or even a slice of cake.

Service Spotlight

Once a month, during services, highlight one of your devoted volunteers. Mention their contributions and commend them for the time, effort, loyalty, and love that they give to your church.

This is a great way to recognize your most dedicated volunteers or to thank newer volunteers who've been giving it their all.

Gift Bags

Another great gift idea for your church's volunteers is gift bags. Handing out gift bags at the end of a long, hard day will reenergize your volunteers and give them something to look forward to when they get home.

Candy, pens, notepads, gift cards, or small, inexpensive trinkets make for the perfect additions to any gift bag. Label the bags with your volunteers' names, and if you have the time, add a quick, personalized message of thanks.

Holiday Baskets

If there's a holiday right around the corner, consider making some holiday-themed baskets. Add bunny and egg-shaped chocolates for Easter and cookies and sparkling apple cider for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Your baskets don't have to be all about food, either. Include some centerpieces, ornaments, flowers, or other decorations that your volunteers can use around their homes.

Make a Slideshow or Highlight Video

Piece together some photographs and videos from your latest volunteer projects and make a slideshow or highlight video.

Interview the members of your congregation. If you can, interview some of the people your congregation has helped, too. Ask them to share the impact your church's volunteers have had on their lives.

Share this slideshow or video with the rest of your church. Sharing these personal stories and volunteer experiences will help facilitate community bonding and will make your volunteers feel that what they're doing has a larger purpose.

A Sweet Treat

Snacks are just as good as larger meals, if not better. Visit your local grocery store and purchase some candy bars, cake pops, cupcakes, and brownies or, if you're looking to add a personal touch, make them on your own.

Are you interested in going the savory route instead? Chips, jerky, and trail mix make for great alternatives.


Flowers make for a simple but touching gesture. Clip them from your church's garden or purchase them from your local florist. If you know your volunteers’ preferences, purchase flowers you know they'll love.

Aiming for something a bit more general? Try out bellflowers, chrysanthemums, irises, and peach-colored roses, which symbolize gratitude, friendship, and thanks.


Pick out your favorite spiritual or religious-themed book and hand out copies to your volunteers. Write a short, personalized inscription on the inner covers.

The books will give them something to read during their time off from volunteering and can teach them how to strengthen their relationships with their community, God, and their church.

Thank You Plaques

Thank your most dedicated volunteers with a timeless piece that acknowledges your gratitude for their efforts.

Personalized gift plaques can feature your volunteer's name and a thoughtful message from not only you but the other members of their congregation as well.

Your volunteers can proudly display their plaques on a shelf in their home, on their desk at work, or they can make it the focal point of a display cabinet.


Foster that loving, community bond with a set of matching t-shirts. These shirts will make volunteers feel like they’re part of the team and will give them a fashionable way to represent their church.

Shirts can display your church's name, logo, or even a fun, team-created design printed on them. If you want to personalize the shirts further, add the volunteers’ names to the back.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are versatile and easy-to-find gifts. Purchase one from popular stores, such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon, or just get plain multi-purpose Visa cards. These will allow your volunteers to purchase what they want or need without being restricted to a single, specific shop. They can use the card for a nice meal, a relaxing spa day, new clothes, or that brand-new microwave they've been itching to buy.

Most volunteers offer their time and expertise because they feel the desire to make a difference. They don't expect to be publicly lauded for their contributions, but they still like to know that their efforts are making a tangible impact.

Commending your volunteers on their efforts and sacrifices lets them know that what they've been doing has made a difference in the world. This knowledge is arguably one of the best gifts you can give to them.

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Gift Ideas for Your Church’s Volunteers