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Best Mother's Day Gifts for My Christian Mother

The Great Miracle of Mothers

Mom's are such an incredible miracle in our lives. Perhaps you didn't grow up with a "mom" in the traditional sense, we are talking about all mother figures here. It could have been an aunt, a grandma, a mentor, or even a character from a book or from the Bible. Whoever your mother figure is, make sure you take time to celebrate her this coming Mother's Day.

As Mother's day is just around the corner, we wanted to talk about how special mother's are in the Christian tradition, and show you some of our favorite engraved Christian gifts to help you celebrate the gifts your mother has given you.

The Importance of Jesus' Mother

While the average age of retirement is 63, Jesus retired from His mortal ministry a little sooner. After suffering excruciating pain in the Garden of Gethsemane, and affliction on the Cross of Calvary, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in one of his final acts, ensuring the welfare of his mother.

While Jesus was hanging on the cross, His mother Mary and His disciple John were at the foot of the cross weeping. Jesus, looking down and having compassion on them said to Mary, "Woman, behold thy son." After saying this Jesus looked to John and said, "Behold thy Mother." It is then accounted that the disciple took Mary unto his own home and cared for her. What a touching account of a son, even The Son of God, caring for his mortal mother.

While we don't have any gifts that can match the beautiful gift of Salvation that Jesus gave us, we can still show our mothers appreciation and gratitude this Mother's Day. Your gift may be simple. It could be a thank you card, or an act of service. It could be engraved Christian gifts that help your mother focus on the Savior. Engraved Christian gifts can be excellent ways to help us remember Jesus. It could be handcrafted crystal gifts, or perhaps your mother figure was a teacher, we have plenty of graduation gifts for new teachers. Perhaps you're looking for gifts to thank pastor, because a pastor was a mother figure in your life.

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