A Quick Overview of Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

A Quick Overview of Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Are you and your spouse celebrating a milestone anniversary? Traditional anniversary gifts by year are a long-adored custom that honors the ongoing commitment of marriage, whether it’s your 1st, 5th, or 50th. With so many thoughtful options out there, sometimes it can be hard to decide on just the right gift. Let us make the choice easier with a quick overview of traditional anniversary gifts by year.

10th Anniversary: Aluminum or Tin

The 10th wedding anniversary is a special milestone that couples should celebrate in style. The traditional gift for this anniversary is aluminum or tin, representing the strength and durability of a relationship that has stood the test of time. Some popular aluminum gift ideas for the 10th anniversary include a personalized aluminum photo frame, a sleek aluminum watch, or a customized aluminum home decor item.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

As couples approach their 15th wedding anniversary, they may wonder what gift would be appropriate to mark this milestone. Crystal traditionally symbolizes the 15th anniversary, representing the clarity and sparkle of the couple’s enduring love. Many value crystal for its beauty and elegance, and couples can incorporate this material into their anniversary celebrations in many ways. Perhaps a crystal vase or plaque would make a lovely addition to their home décor, or a set of crystal champagne flutes could be used to toast to their love.

20th Anniversary: China

The traditional gift to celebrate a 20th anniversary is china. This choice may seem unusual, but the symbolism behind china as a gift is quite fitting. China is a wonderfully delicate and refined material that is also strong and enduring, reflecting the loving bond between two people who have spent two decades together. The traditional china gift can come in many forms, such as a beautiful set of antique china dishes or a personalized vase or sculpture.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

The 30th anniversary is the Pearl Anniversary, and for good reason. Pearl symbolizes the pure and rare beauty found in long-lasting relationships. And while many associate pearls with jewelry, you can incorporate them into anniversary presents in many unique and thoughtful ways. Some great gift ideas include pearl cufflinks or tie pins for him, pearl jewelry for her, a pearl-covered photo album or picture frame, or even a romantic trip to a pearl farm or beach.

50th Anniversary: Gold

Fifty years of marriage is a remarkable milestone that deserves special recognition. Traditionally, the gift for a 50th anniversary is gold. The symbolism behind this precious metal stems from the fact that it is said to represent beauty, strength, and longstanding love. The options are endless when choosing the perfect gold gift for this occasion. Some popular gift ideas include a gold watch, gold jewelry, a gold picture frame, or even a personalized gold-plated keepsake.

Now that you have a guide to traditional milestone anniversary gifts, you can select the perfect gift for your spouse. Crystal Central offers high-quality, customizable gifts like 50th anniversary plaques that any married couple will surely treasure. Check out our selection to find a meaningful gift today.

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