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4 Noteworthy Benefits Of Employee Recognition

One of the keys to long-term success as a company is a happy workforce. It's for this reason that an employee recognition program would not only benefit your company culture but also your organization as a whole.

Employee recognition is a reward for performance and can be anything from a personalized crystal plaque of appreciation for 10 years of hard work to an informal round of applause. As long as you show your employees that they're appreciated and valued, they'll be sure to stick around and do their best.

Still unsure if an employee recognition program is for your workplace? Here are a few noteworthy benefits that may have you give employee recognition a second glance.


  1. Employee recognition builds teamwork. The relationships between employees have been known to strengthen when co-workers are able to recognize the work of their colleagues. When co-workers feel they're appreciated by their colleagues, their sense of teamwork is strengthened. The stronger the bonds of teamwork, the more productive your employees will be.
  2. Employee recognition improves employee engagement. Approximately 58% of respondents to a 2015 Psychometrics study said that leaders could improve employee engagement at their organizations by giving recognition. Employee engagement is necessary to motivate workers to do their best at their jobs so they can contribute to the company's vision and goals.
  3. Employee recognition improves recruitment chances. It can be challenging to find the right workers for your company. However, while it's true that candidates are showing their best selves through their resumes and interviews, it's also true that your company needs to show its best self to potential recruits. Employee recognition programs tell recruits that your company values hard work and that they'll feel appreciated should they choose to work for you.
  4. Employee recognition encourages additional effort. Humans are naturally social creatures who love to be rewarded for going the extra mile. An employee recognition program can help to fuel the fire your employees need to feel recognized by their co-workers and higher-ups.


Whether you're gifting your employee with a personalized crystal retirement award or a thumbs up, your employees may appreciate their workplace more knowing you value their efforts. To learn more about employee recognition gifts, crystal plaques, or personalized crystal for a best boss award, contact Crystal Central today.

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