4 Must-Know Graduation Party Planning Tips

4 Must-Know Graduation Party Planning Tips

Graduation is a huge deal, and it’s very easy to be overwhelmed with pride as you watch your loved one walk across the stage. That moment—and the years of education and effort that went into earning it—is definitely worth celebrating. Let’s explore four must-know graduation party planning tips for families looking to give their high school or college grad the ultimate send-off!

Pick the Party’s Date Early

It’s important that you pick the party’s date sooner rather than later. It’s a good idea to choose the graduation party date a month in advance so that every guest gets a fair warning about it. Weekend parties often allow more guests to attend. However, if you want to host the graduation party immediately after graduation, you may need to plan around a ceremony ending sooner (or even later) than anticipated.

Prepare for Picky Eaters

Any family get-together involves a lot of food. Before you start cooking, consider sending out a menu or a request form to attendees to get a sense of what they want to eat. While you certainly want to include your graduate’s favorite foods, catering to the guests ensures they don’t leave you with a week’s worth of leftovers.

Plan for More Seating

One of the simplest yet most important must-know graduation party planning tips is to bring lots of chairs. Your dining table’s chairs and your living room’s furniture are rarely enough. Some fold-out metal chairs or lawn chairs can do the trick.

The Perfect Gift Says It All

Graduation parties are for celebrating the grad’s accomplishments and capping off their academic journey. A gift can help your graduate remember and carry that love, attention, and pride with them wherever they go. The best graduation party gifts from family come with messages of well-wishes and fit the graduate’s personality. Practical gifts can also help prepare your grad for whatever they do next.

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