4 Gift Ideas for Retired & Active Duty Military Members

4 Gift Ideas for Retired & Active Duty Military Members

It’s important to show your appreciation for your loved ones who served in the military. Members of the military show great courage and patriotism when serving their country and come home with long-term memories and accomplishments that will last a lifetime. Here are four gift ideas for retired and active duty military members.

Display Case

The first gift idea for a retired or active duty military member is a display case. Members of the military typically acquire a lot of memorabilia during their years of service. A display case is a fantastic way to showcase those memories. You can use display cases for uniforms, flags, medals, or any other item you would like to show off and remember.


A scrapbook can hold many special mementos for servicepeople. This gift is an especially great idea for a retired military veteran. Gather together all the photos you can from their time in the service and arrange them inside a book. You can add letters, newspaper clippings, or anything else that they would remember or cherish from that period in their life. You can even add written stories and captions to go with the photos if you so choose.

Scale Model

Military members who have a particular association with a seacraft, plane, or vehicle will love to see it sized down as a scale model. You can have a small-scale model made as a replica of their particular aircraft, ship, or land vessel that they servied on during their time in the military. A model is a heartfelt and unique gift to remind your loved ones of their accomplishments and time serving their country. This gift also serves as a great piece of décor in a home or office and acts as a beautiful conversation piece.

Crystal Plaque

The last gift idea for retired or active duty military members is a crystal plaque. These customized crystal gifts are a marvelous way to recognize the achievements and patriotism of our nation’s military heroes. You can get the plaque engraved with custom names, dates, or quotes. A crystal plaque is a unique gift that will remind your loved one of the milestones of a lifetime while also serving as a stunning décor piece.

Now that you have four gift ideas for retired or active duty military members, you can begin your search for the perfect gift today. Crystal Central carries a vast selection of high-grade crystal plaques that make the ideal gift for a member of the military.

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