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3 Wedding Anniversary Gift Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

It's no secret that your wedding anniversary is one of the most important dates in you and your partner's relationship. Unfortunately, there are some wedding anniversary mistakes that people make that can leave one or both of you feeling hurt.

Here are some of the most common wedding anniversary mistakes that couples make and how you can avoid making them yourself.

  1. Assuming your anniversary isn't important. Communication is a vital part of every healthy relationship. Don't assume your wedding anniversary isn't important to your partner based on your own feelings about the date or based on how other people feel about it. For instance, your parents may not celebrate their wedding anniversary, but it might be important to your partner to celebrate yours. Talk to your partner to see how they feel about your wedding anniversary and plan from there.
  2. Being too traditional with your gift. There are traditional wedding anniversary gifts for each year that you and your partner are married. But many of these gifts are old-fashioned. For instance, the first-anniversary gift is traditionally paper, the second is cotton, and the third is leather. It would be awkward to give your partner a pack of printing paper for your anniversary. Don't be afraid to tailor these traditions to suit modern times. Or you can scrap the tradition altogether and choose a gift you know for sure they'd like.
  3. Getting your partner a gag gift. Joke gifts can be funny, but they can also come across as insensitive when the day you're giving the gift is an important one. If you do think your partner would find a gag gift amusing, be sure to have a heartfelt gift with it, too.

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