3 Wedding Anniversary Gift Mistakes To Avoid

3 Wedding Anniversary Gift Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding anniversaries are intimate, unique holidays meant only for two. As a husband or wife, you play the most important role in making this day special for your counterpart. And while you need not follow every tradition exactly, there are certain overarching gifting guidelines that keep you focused on your significant other. To learn more, read through these three wedding anniversary gift mistakes to avoid.

Buying Something for Yourself

It’s safest to distance your gift from any benefit to yourself. Buying your husband a table saw after asking him to build you a desk or getting your wife a new lawnmower may rub them the wrong way. The key to your happiness is, above all, whether they enjoy their gift—that’s it. The caveat here is that every situation is different—if they hinted that they’d like a saw or a lawnmower as a gift, go with what they said over us.

Getting a Gift That Lacks Forethought

A second wedding anniversary gift mistake involves getting a hasty or thoughtless gift. While this doesn’t preclude them from liking it, your lack of investment becomes quite clear as they open it up. When there’s no suspense as they peel back the wrapping paper, and they wonder if this is all you got, the day deflates and loses its savor.

Instead, treat them to a present with a story. Maybe it came from a place they’d never expect, or it reflects one of their many redeeming qualities. The more effort you pour into the search, the bigger their smile will be.

Not Setting the Tone Well

Anniversaries are a cut above every other day in the year. While you may spend a quiet night together in sweatpants the night before, doing so on the date you got married feels wrong. Gifts also contribute to the tenor of the night, and going too informal doesn’t do it justice.

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