10 Gifts To Give That Celebrate Your Police Academy Graduate

10 Gifts To Give That Celebrate Your Police Academy Graduate

After months of grueling training and dutiful study, your loved one is ready to move from cadet to officer. Though every academy is different, each one is uniquely demanding, and graduating from any academy is an accomplishment worth commending! Here are 10 gifts to give that celebrate your police academy graduate’s achievements and give them a head start in their new career.

Gifts To Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Graduating from police academy is an incredible accomplishment. The physical, psychological, and scholarly feats involved demand that cadets remain motivated in the face of hardship and see each struggle as a challenge to overcome. These two gifts symbolize that accomplishment and will be lasting reminders for your graduate in the years to come:

Personalized Uniform Hangers

Though it seems like a small gesture, a personalized uniform hanger sends a deeply meaningful message. Each morning, your graduate takes their uniform out of the closet and remembers that they earned their station. Etched and engraved hangers add a sense of refinement, while some artists bend the hanger wire itself to spell the officer’s name in cursive.

A Graduation Plaque

A police officer’s career involves plenty of sentimental objects. The badge and uniform carry immense weight and serve as both a reminder of accomplishment and a burden of responsibility. One way to give your graduate something they’ll think of only with positive feelings is to commemorate their success with a customized graduation plaque.

The personalized crystal awards we offer at Crystal Central will look fantastic in photographs, videos, and, of course, during the in-person celebration. They might display it on their desk at work as a powerful motivation to keep striving to do better or alongside family photos at home as a reminder of all they’ve accomplished. Either way, crystal plaques make for one of the most stunning police academy graduation gifts available.

Gifts To Show Law Enforcement Pride

Comradery and pride are both essential for police officers who do their best to help citizens and neighbors get back on their feet after a tragedy. By giving one of these three gifts, you can remind your graduate to be proud of succeeding in their academics and joining an impactful life of service:

Framed City Skyline Artwork

Becoming a police officer requires an inherent love for your neighborhood, community, and city. Gifting your graduate a photograph or painting of their city’s skyline gives them a way to protect and cherish the city they proudly defend at home, too.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

While it is undoubtedly clichéd to pair doughnuts and coffee with police officers, some graduates will embrace it and adore gifts that play into the stereotype. Personalized mugs with your graduate’s name, badge number, or unit number allow them to demonstrate their pride at home or in the office, all while fueling up for their shift.

Custom Badge Jewelry

We don’t often associate delicate gifts with police officers, but custom badge jewelry is a fantastic counterbalance to the harsh and heavy realities of your graduate’s new line of work. A simple bracelet or chain with a charm of your graduate’s badge serves as a subtle display of pride that they can wear during everything from graduation to wedding days and any event in between.

Gifts To Use on the Clock

Not every gift stays on an officer’s desk after they receive it. These three presents all tell your graduate that you recognize the tough work they have ahead of them and want to help in any way you can:

A Heavy-Duty Phone Case

Though not every officer takes their personal cell phone on duty, those who do appreciate knowing that it’s going to survive the night. Waterproof, heavy-duty cell phone cases ensure that your graduate’s personal device stays safe from damage, no matter how much is going on.

Custom Reminder Tokens

Inspired by the challenge tokens organizations use to prove membership, custom reminder tokens are a gift they should receive from loved ones. These small coins or charms are engraved with a promise to come home safe, a reminder that the officer has support, or a prayer for their safety while they’re on duty. Your loved one can keep one of these precious tokens in their wallet or pocket or tuck it away close to their heart as they take on the challenges of the day.

A Vital Car Multi-Tool

Officers use a wide array of tools to protect themselves and others from the hazards present in their line of work, but they’ll appreciate the addition of this one. Car multi-tools include seatbelt cutters and glass breakers, also known as window spikes, among many other situational tools that make an emergency situation significantly easier for your graduate to handle.

Gifts for a Good Night’s Rest After Work

After tireless nights studying for their exams throughout the police academy, newly graduated officers don’t have many opportunities to catch up on shut-eye in the future. Here are two gifts that your grad will undoubtedly appreciate when they get a chance to rest:

A White-Noise Machine

White-noise machines are an increasingly popular tool for people struggling with nighttime restlessness. High-adrenaline jobs make it harder to rest at night, so these home devices make for incredibly thoughtful presents. White-noise machines are especially useful for cops whose shifts don’t always align with regular hours or their family’s schedule, pairing well with blackout curtains for that reason.

Weighted Blankets

Police work is full of ups and downs, and each choice your graduate makes impacts their safety and the safety of everyone around them. It’s normal for even the bravest cops to experience anxieties regarding the work they do, but that’s something you can anticipate and help them with. Gifting a weighted blanket gives your graduate a tool to relieve stress and feel secure at home, allowing them to set aside anxiety and find room for a good night’s sleep.

When choosing gifts to give that celebrate your police academy graduate, keep their personality and new career path in mind. While some fun-loving graduates will adore comical gifts that lighten the mood, others want to command respect in their high-intensity workplace with refined accessories and useful tools. While they may have graduated from civilian to police officer, your loved one’s personal tastes haven’t changed!

10 Gifts To Give That Celebrate Your Police Academy Graduate

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