Appreciation Plaque Wording

There are so many reasons to give someone a plaque of appreciation. You might want to honor a colleague who has gone above and beyond or recognize a long-time volunteer to your organization. Some teachers exceed the call of their job each day much like the tireless pastor who always has time for each and every person in his or her flock. And what about members of the military? Serving your country is an incredible task on its own. Being the kind of leader that embodies the spirit of the armed services deserves special recognition. Giving a plaque of appreciation is one thing, but coming up with appreciation plaque wording is another.

Coming up with meaningful, personal appreciation award wording is not as easy as it sounds. You want the message to be genuine and tailor made for the honoree. Sometimes getting started on thank you gift wording is the hardest part. Here are a few examples that are general enough to work for a number of occasions without sounding forced or overly generic:

In Appreciation

For your unwavering commitment...
For your true passion...
For your selfless dedication...
You are truly appreciated!!

Thank You

You never fail to give your all,
You always try your hardest.
Thank you for being the person we all want to grow into,
And the person we are all proud to know!

A Gift

In honor of all that you do, and your tireless hard work,
We offer a small token of our thanks.
We hope this gesture can make even a small dent
In the mountain of gratitude we owe you,
Enjoy your gift!

If you need something a little more specific, here is some sample appreciation plaque wording for a teacher:

Teacher Appreciation

You touch young minds and nurture the spark of learning.
We appreciate your commitment to creative education,
And your obvious enthusiasm for the field of teaching.
For making it look easy every day, please accept our heartfelt appreciation!

If you are in the market for pastor thank you gift wording, this example might help get you started.

Pastor Thank You Gift

You guide us and teach us with patience and gentle devotion.
You light the dark path and lead us along.
We hope this token of our appreciation shows you just how grateful we are.
Please accept this thank you gift with our warmest regards!

If you are honoring someone for his or her commitment to our country, here is a sample of military thank you award wording.

Military Thank You Award

You put yourself last to keep us all safe,
And surge bravely forward when others fall back.
Thank you for your selfless service
And the shining example you set for others

Any of these thank you notes will deliver a warm and fuzzy feeling along with the wording. Once you decide how you want your appreciation plaque wording to read, you have to next decide what canvass you want to use. Traditional plaques are nice, but they aren't special. Choosing a backdrop like crystal, which reflects natural light and can be polished to a high shine, takes appreciation awards to the next level. Wording can be deep etch engraved so the sentiment will never fade with time. If you are going to go to all the trouble to choose just the right words, take the extra step and pick a material worthy of the sentiment.