Zenith Top Sales Awards

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #22-A

    Quota Achievement Sales Award Idea

    Salesman of the year

    Awarded to
    A Top Sales Person for
    Excellent Efforts Yielding
    Superior Results

    For Outstanding
    Achievement in Sales
    173% of Quota

    It takes a charismatic and dedicated individual to generate excellent sales results. This sales award is perfect recognition piece for Quota Achievement Awards, Records Breaking Sales Award, Annual Top Salesperson Awards, etc.
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    Sample Top Dealer Excellence Award


    Presented to
    An Exemplary Dealer Who Achieves
    Goals and Exceeds Expectations

    In Recognition of Your
    Outstanding Sales Attainment

    Honor your Top Dealers with this Annual Award of Excellence. Great for recognizing top sales representatives, sales directors, international sales executives, regional dealers and sellers, etc.
  • #22-C

    Record Breaking Sales Award Plaque

    Milestone Sales Award

    Recognizing a
    Top Revenue Producer

    1st to Exceed $500,000 
    Revenue in a Single Quarter

    Success in sales is often preceded by rejection, and can be a disheartening experience at times. Creating a competitive environment among your sales people is the perfect way to add a boost to the internal morale and productivity. This Personalized Crystal Milestone Award creates a constant reminder that success is the result of perseverance.
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    Sales Leadership Award Ideas

    Million Dollar Award

    Presented to
    An Incredible Store Manager
    and Team Leader

    In recognition of your
    outstanding performance as the first
    of our franchise stores to reach
    One Million Dollars in annual sales.

    As a franchise, it is left in the hands of each store to create a successful brand name. The Million Dollar Award honors the efforts and achievements of a franchise store and its leaders. The crystal piece is a tall and elegant design; a unique display piece for retail stores, car dealerships, restaurant franchises, etc.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

The word zenith is indicative of power, achievement and success. The Crystal Zenith Top Sales Award is a personalized gift idea for a top salesperson who has made significant contributions to achieving sales quotas. Since the salesman has applied professional technique to sales procedures and has also demonstrated innovative service to clientele, the impressive sales record is both anticipated and valued.

Just like this stunning crystal award, this salesman stands out, and deserves recognition for all of the hard work and exemplary achievements. When considering awards for top sales, this optical crystal piece has the wow factor you are looking for. It gleams with reflected light and can be engraved with a personal message or encouraging quotation. This award has long term appeal and will inspire others to strive for excellence as well.

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