Wedge Retirement Gift Plaques

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #16-A

    Best Wishes! Retirement Gift

    Upon Your Retirement

    An intriguingly different lifestyle,
    Imagine vividly your ego at peace
    for a while.

    Without sacrifice your future
    has become a realness.

    Custom designed and
    made valid by your own success.

    Best Wishes!

    To Our Dear Colleague and Friend

  • #16-B

    Happy Retirement Gift Plaque

    Upon Your Retirement

    the blessings of good health,
    the joy of good friends,
    a loving family,
    and the contentment of
    a job well done,
    fill your life with happiness!

    A gift from your colleagues
    and friends

    Best Wishes On Your Retirement!

  • #16-C

    Life Begins at Retirement Gift

    Life Begins at Retirement!

    Honoring a Special Colleague

    Words cannot properly express
    our gratitude for your contributions
    and the wisdom you brought
    to our daily lives.

    Have fun. Enjoy the years that
    lie ahead. Open your arms to
    all the delight - of flowers and
    music, every lovely thing.

    Be brave. Be curious.
    Discover a wider world.

  • #16-D

    Retirement Gift for Coworker

    We wish you a happy retirement
    with sincere appreciation for
    your dedication, loyalty and
    over 15 years of excellent service.

    A Special Friend and Coworker

    Now we mark your time
    with us by honoring who
    you are; thank you for your
    innumerable contributions.

  • #16-E

    Retirement Wishes Gift for Employee

    Upon Your Retirement

    Let peace of mind be yours in
    your upcoming years.
    It’s not going to be the end of
    your works; it is just the beginning
    for a new fun in your life with
    friends and family....

    Thank You For Your
    Loyalty, Hard Work, And
    Outstanding Leadership.

    Best Wishes!

    To a Special Friend and Colleague

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Product Description

Retirement is not the end of a career, but rather a time for reflection. The years you spend in the workforce help shape who you are. You learn the value of hard work and team building. You can appreciate special talents and skills. When retirement arrives, while it may be the symbolic end of an era, it is also the time to start new projects with a set of skills sharpened by decades of employment.

Wedge Retirement gifts are a beautiful way to honor someone retiring for years of loyal service and unforgettable achievements. Cut from a solid crystal block, the wedge retirement plaque has ample room for a personal retirement message or poem. All wedge retirement awards can be accented with color, like this example which features gold line work to set off the text.

Gift this unique retirement plaque to remind a retiree how much has been achieved, and still, a road of achievements lies ahead. Send you co-worker or loved one off with style by choosing a gift that really means something.

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