Wave Employee Anniversary Awards

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #352-A

    15 Year Staff Service Award

    15 Years of Service

    We Hereby Present

    Our Employee who has
    Achieved 15 Years of Service

    With This Award in
    Grateful Appreciation of Your
    Loyal and Dedicated Service 
    Over the Last 15 Years.

    Work Anniversary Date

  • #352-B

    Long Service Anniversary Gift for Staff

    Honoring 5 Years of Service

    To A Dedicated Staff Member
    Celebrating Their 5th Work Anniversary

    In Grateful Appreciation of
    Your Loyal and Dedicated Service
    Over the Last 5 Years.

    Congratulations on such a memorable milestone.

    Your Company Logo

    Service Anniversary Date

  • #352-C

    50th Business Anniversary Gift

    Celebrating 50th Anniversary

    Presented to
    A Longtime Partner
    Serving the Community for 50 Years

    For your commitment to
    providing quality, comprehensive
    health care for your community.

    Corporate Logo

    50 Year Anniversary Celebration Date

  • #352-D

    Military Service Recognition Award

    Presented to
    A Dedicated Marine

     In recognition for 20 years of your
    commitment and dedication to the
    United States Marines Corps.

    The Marines of MP Company B 
    would like to express our gratitude
    for sharing your experience,
    strength, and knowledge. 

    Semper Fidelis!

    Military Division Insignia /
    Military Branch Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

When reaching out the hand of recognition, it is always fitting to do so with a proper instrument of honor. Everyone appreciates a kind word, but offering one alongside a Work Annniversary Recognition gift is a more fitting way to say "job well done". This crystal wave employee anniversary award is beautiful and versatile. The wave design is elegant and subtle, perfect for a male or female employee. This sample design which features waving bands and a sprinkling of stars is festive and worthy of pride. The gold starburst that highlights years of service is the crown jewel of this piece.

Because the high polished face of this plaque features ample room for personalized engraving, you can create a tailor made employee anniversary gift for a stand-out employee with ease. Honor those who dedicate themselves to your organization with a gift worthy of their loyalty.

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