Wave Boss Day Gift

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #456-A

    Best Executive Recognition Award

    Thank You!

    The Service Desk recognizes an
    incredible boss as the Best Executive
    leading his employees and getting
    them to follow the vision our company.

    Quote for an Excellent Leader:

    “The best leader is the one who has 
    sense enough to pick good men to do 
    what he wants done, and self-restraint
     enough to keep them from meddling 
    with them while they do it.”
    - Theodore Roosevelt

    We extend our sincerest appreciation 
    for all the sacrifices you have made.

    Boss Day 2016

  • #456-B

    Boss Day Gift for Women

    Best Boss Award

    Awarded To
    A Great Female Leader

    Thank you for being a leader, mentor,
    teacher and most importantly, a great friend.

    Your supportive, kind and encouraging
    ways are greatly appreciated. You have
    inspired me to improve my work skills and
    to become better, as a person.

    A gift from your team

  • #456-C

    Boss Day Celebration Gift

    Wishing You A

    To A Great Manager On
    National Boss’s Day

    Boss Appreciation Poem:

    "Doing special favors in
    a dozen different ways,
    Looking out for others with no
    thought of thanks or praise,
    Treating workers like family,
    Setting good examples, too.
    These things make a wonderful boss
    And they all apply to you!"

    From Your Crew

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Product Description

There are a lot of bosses in the world, but very few inspirational leaders. We all have more than a few managers over the course of our life. Many will fade into the past as time moves by, but a small minority will leave a lasting impression. These are the bosses who lead, inspire, challenge and fight for what's right.

When Boss Day or a special occasion arrives, it is fitting to honor your stand out boss with a token of appreciation. This Wave Boss Day Gift is charming and attractive. It sits perfectly on its two-tiered base. With the elegant gold “Thank You” engraved at the top, it makes a terrific boss day gift for him or her. Celebrate the cream of the crop with a gift that won't disappoint.

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