Supervisor Recognition Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #458-A

    Best Manager Recognition Gift


    Is Presented To

    An Incredible Manager

    Your perseverance and dedication has contributed
    to our success, as individuals and as a team

    With Heartfelt Congratulations and Appreciation!

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    Recognition Gift for Best Supervisor

    Honoring The Best Supervisor Ever

    I am really thankful for your friendly and
    unselfish ways. You are truly one of the
    nicest people I have ever met. I won’t forget
    the kindness and patience you have
    shown me. I wish you good luck and all
    the best in your future endeavors.

    Thanks For Everything!

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    Appreciation Gift for Group Director

    With Our Heartfelt Appreciation

    We are proud to recognize

    An Exceptional Director and Leader

    For your years of guidance, leadership
    and motivation as the Director of
    our Family Medicine Group.
    Every successful team has someone
    terrific like you leading from the front.

    Your inspiration & vision
    are an example to us all!

    For small medical practices and small business companies, the director is responsible for the leadership and management to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It can be a difficult task, and an excellent director should be rewarded for a job well done. This is an appreciation plaque for a team leader, group organizer, and an all-around star manager at the office.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

The Star Boss Recognition Plaque is a prime example of what special recognition should look like. The plaque is made of 100% optical crystal, a material that reflects and traps natural light, giving it a remarkable, high polished brilliance. The sleek cut and smooth lines make this piece an obvious display choice. The detail work is also exquisite. The blue, textured stars affixed to the top left corner are eye-catchingly beautiful. The band of frosted stars along the other side is the perfect final accent. Your personal sentiments can be engraved with precision for no extra cost.

If your Boss is a true leader, he or she should be honored with a gift that stands the test of time. This hand-crafted plaque is a wonderful alternative to a gift card, a personalized mug or the traditional paper certificate.

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