Star Employee/Staff Appreciation Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #264-A

    Star Service Appreciation Plaque

    Presented to

    Dedicated Staff Members

    Thank You For Your
    Outstanding Contributions to
    the Spirit of Our Company,
    and the people we serve.

    You have made a difference!

  • #264-B

    Star Employee Recognition Plaque

    With Our Deepest Appreciation

    Thank you for your tireless efforts
    and all the hard work you put
    into making sure our customers
    are taken care of.

    You are an important part of our team!


  • #264-C

    Appreciation Gift for Devoted Teacher

    With Sincere Appreciation

    To our faithful and devoted teacher

    for the countless hours spent ensuring not only
    homework was complete, projects were underway,
    and grades remained high, but also teaching very
    valuable life lessons with great love from the heart.

    Thank you for caring and for leaving an
    imprint on our hearts and in our minds.
    The difference you make every day is priceless.

    We Love You!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

The star is a symbol we have come to associate with many things. The star is celestial and heavenly; full of wonder and beyond our realm of understanding. It is also a symbol of great success and achievement. A rising star and shooting star imply great momentum and forward progress. Finally, a star stands out from the rest. It is beautiful and noteworthy.

The carved star affixed to this star appreciation plaque with its special color accent gives the gift a unique, special design quality. This appreciation plaque is the perfect medium for thanking a standout individual for a job well done.

This gift is perfect for display and will warm the heart of whoever you are honoring.

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