Community Service Award Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #68-A

    Community Service Appreciation Award

    Presented to

    Dedicated Volunteers

    In recognition of the many
    contributions and faithful
    service to the ideals and
    purposes of the NAPS.

    With heartfelt congratulations
    and a sincere thank you for your
    exemplary volunteer service!

  • #68-B

    Community Champions Award Plaque


    Exemplary Volunteers

    In Grateful Appreciation for
    Your Outstanding Dedicated
    Service to the People in
    Your Community.

    We Thank You!

  • #68-C

    Community Volunteer Champion Award

    Volunteer Champion Award

    Thank you for standing up and
    speaking out to ensure every veteran has
    a stable and safe place to call home.


    Accepted by Matthew Smith, Executive Director

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Product Description

As a rule, volunteers tend to be humble people. Their nature is to give, not receive. They put others first, and tend to their own needs quietly and secondarily. They don't crave the spotlight or yearn to be the center of attention. Volunteers use their time and resources to make other people's lives brighter.

Because all of this is true, you should always select a Volunteer Service Award Plaque with the utmost care. Rewarding service work is an excellent opportunity to turn things around and thank a volunteer, in a grand way, for that person's thoughtful commitment to your cause.

This Star Volunteer Award makes it clear that the volunteer is the real star. The plaque is textured and detailed and made from 100% optical crystal that naturally traps and reflects light. This piece features an ample engraving space, so your beautifully chosen words of gratitude can live on forever.

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