Great Boss Star Award

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #460-A

    Boss's Day Gift for Men

    Presented to
    A Dedicated Hardworking Boss

    Your vision, inspiration and leadership
    make you an extraordinary boss.
    Thanks for converting our mistakes
    into lessons, pressure into productivity
    and skills into strengths. 

        Thank you for being a great boss!

    We appreciation your hard work and
    always doing what’s best for our team.

  • #460-B

    Star Boss Achievement Award Idea

    #1 Boss Award


    The World's Greatest Boss

    It’s so great to work for a boss who knows
    how to get the best out of their employees,
    just by being a great person.

    We thank you for everything you do.
    You are truly a great leader, teacher,
    mentor and the best boss ever.

    From all of us in the department,
    we want to wish you a Happy Boss's Day!

    An excellent boss is both a team leader and a mentor. This award is for the boss who leads with both confidence and compassion for his/her employees. A heartfelt gift for Boss's Day, the Star Boss Achievement Award conveys gratitude for a job well done.
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    Excellent Boss Award Ideas

    For The Best Boss Ever

    The Entire Team Is Proud To Honor

    Our Most Incredible Boss

    For your many years of hard work
    and dedication. You have built a
    prosperous company with a rewarding
    environment for your employees.

    Excellent Boss Quote:

    "A great boss lays the foundation for employees
    to discover their own greatness."

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Product Description

The words that go along with star are vivid and exciting: shine, bright, luminous, sparkle. Our Star Boss Award captures all that and more. It starts with 100 percent optical crystal that could give a star a run for its money. The beautiful material is naturally reflective and light gives it an otherworldly glow. The star that crests the top of the plaque and the two columns of stars that flank it are eye-catching. The band of stars at the base is a subtle final touch.

Choose to engrave the crux of your customized message inside the star topper or leave it blank. There's plenty of room on the face of the plaque to recognize your outstanding boss in a deeply personal way.

A terrific boss day gift idea for men!

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