Sailboat Police Retirement Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #465-A

    Best Wishes Retirement Gift



    To You was Entrusted the Honor of the Force.
    You Served Honestly, Faithfully and
    You Never Swerved From the Path of Duty.

    You Shall Always be a Soldier of the Law!

    Give Without Remembering and
    Take Without Forgetting.

    Best Wishes On Your Retirement!
  • #465-B

    Congratulations on Policeman Retirement

    Congratulations On Your Retirement


    In recognition of 33 years of meritorious
    service to the Illinois Police Department,
    and your commendable dedication to

    May your next adventure be long and fulfilling!
  • #465-C

    Congratulations on Police Officer Retirement



    Good Luck and Best Wishes
    In Your Retirement!

    Your Family and
    Friends in the NYPD

    Congratulations On Your Retirement!

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Product Description

The sailboat is a symbol that's traditionally tied to retirement. When someone moves beyond the traditional work day, they glide into the next phase of life, alike a sailboat cuts through the water, with its sail full of breeze.

The possibilities and unanswered questions that make retirement exciting are summed up in this Police Retirement Gift. After years of service dedicated to citizens, this gorgeous crystal award serves as a permanent reminder of all that has come before, and all that lies ahead.

The sail is anchored to the blue crystal base with a three dimensional globe, but the other detail work is up to you. Deep etch engraving can be added at no additional cost and you can choose an accent color for a small fee.

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