Policeman's Prayer Gift Plaque

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    Policeman’s Prayer Gift Plaque

    Police Officer's Prayer

    Lord I ask for courage
    Courage to face and conquer my own fears
    courage to take me where others will not go

    I ask for strength
    Strength of body to protect others
    and strength of spirit to lead others

    I ask for dedication
    Dedication to my job. To do it well
    Dedication to my community to keep it safe

    Give me concern for others who trust me
    And compassion for those who need me

    And Please Lord, 
    Through It All Be At My Side

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    Law Enforcement Office Prayer Plaque

    Law Enforcement Officer Prayer

    Oh Lord, while I'm on my job,

    May I know that you're with me,

    And protect me as I go to guard other's lives and property.

    Help me ignore those who scorn and show me no respect,

    But be mindful of all citizen I've sworn to protect.

    Be with my fellow officers and guard their safety too.

    May I always put duty first in the work that I must do.

    May I not disgrace the uniform but bring pride

    to the badge I wear.

    That I'd be a good policeman, Lord,

    would be my only prayer.


    National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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Product Description

What is it about the Policeman’s Prayer Gift Plaque that bespeaks such dignity? Is it the pure optical crystal, shining brightly and reflecting natural light? Is it the gentle arc of the plaque, cut into a perfect circle? Maybe it’s the inscription; thoughtful words of policeman’s prayer, a simple conversation with God, asking for strength and guidance. Whatever the reason you’re drawn to this plaque, and whoever the honoree, it will make a difference in a policeman’s life. Just consider the prayer itself: “Lord I ask for courage. Courage to face and conquer my own fears. Courage to take me where others will not go.”

Whether you want to recognize an individual police officer or hope to make this gift a law enforcement office prayer plaque, it’s a tremendous choice. As inspiring as it is beautiful, it’s a cut above the rest.

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