Nurse Pinning Ceremony Gift

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    Pinning Ceremony Gift


    Nursing School Graduate!

    Congratulations on completing
    Nursing School with a
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    On the day of your
    Pinning Ceremony,
    you are welcomed into
    the Nursing Profession.
    You are now a part of a
    community of people
    dedicated to helping and
    healing those in need.
    Take pride in all you
    have accomplished,
    as we take pride in you.

    We Love You,
    Grandma & Grandpa

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    Registered Nurse Graduation Gift

    Upon Your 
    Nursing School Graduation

    Registered Nurse

    You’re going to be there when
    a lot of people are born,
    and when a lot of people die.
    In most every culture,
    such moments are regarded
    as sacred and private,
    made special by a divine
    presence. No one on earth
    would be welcomed,
    but you’re personally invited.
    What an honor that is.
    - Thom Dick

    New York University
    College of Nursing

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    Nursing Graduation Gift for Her

    On the Occasion of
    Your Pinning Ceremony

    Presented to

    Nursing School Graduate

    Congratulations on your
    graduation from the
    University of North Carolina
    School of Nursing!

    “Of all the skills
    you will ever learn,
    the greatest one
    you will ever hold,
    is the healing touch
    of a caring heart.”

    Love you forever and always

    your big sister and best friend

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    A Nurse’s Prayer Plaque

    A Nurse’s Prayer

    As I graduate
    A Nurse today,
    I give thanks to God
    And to the Lord
    Above I pray.

    Give me tenderness,
    Give me compassion,
    I beg you please Lord,
    Help me in my mission.
    Let me give comfort
    To loved ones grieving,
    And my heart share hope
    When life loses meaning.
    Please Lord, help me be
    The best Nurse that I can.
    Grant me strength
    And understanding to
    Heal my fellow man.

    Best wishes for a life
    filled with success and
    happiness as you begin
    your nursing career

    From your loving family

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Product Description

The simple beauty of the nurse’s prayer makes one thing very clear: men and women who go into the nursing profession do so with love in their hearts and care foremost in their minds. This RN Pinning Ceremony Gift, perfect for any kind of inscription, especially nursing school graduation quotes, is elegant and refined. The prayer is a lovely way to enhance this 100 percent optical crystal piece: “As I graduate a Nurse today, I give thanks to God and to the Lord above I pray. Give me tenderness, give me compassion, I beg you please Lord, help me in my mission.” What a perfect pinning ceremony gift for a nurse.


The dove that perches atop the inscription and “fleur de lis” border are both wonderful design choices but this piece can be customized for anyone. A perfect pinning ceremony gift for best friend, daughter, son or neighbor, you can’t go wrong with this perfect memento. 

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