Pinnacle Work Anniversary Gift Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #10-A

    20th Anniversary Award of Excellence

    20 Years Service Award

    Presented to
    Our Longtime Friend and Loyal Employee

    In sincere gratitude for
    the compassion, guidance, and
    outstanding leadership 
    you’ve provided to all of us
    over the last 20 years.

    Thank You For 20 Years of Excellence!

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  • #10-B

    Public Service Recognition Award Wording

    Red, White & Blue American Flag
    20 Years of Dedication and Leadership

    Presented to
    A Dedicated Corrections Officer and Leader

    For your dedicated 20 years of
    outstanding service and commitment.
    Thank you for everything you have done. 
    You truly make a difference.

    Department of Corrections Logo

    Trust, Integrity, Loyalty

  • #10-C

    30 Year Business Partnership Gift Ideas

    Celebrating 30 Years of Partnership

    30th Anniversary Date

    Presented to
    Our Beloved Friend and Longtime Partner

    With a sincere thank you for
    your long lasting partnership and
    support throughout the years.

    We are honored that you have chosen
    VMG as your partner.


  • #10-D

    40 Year Long Service Award Sample

    40 Year Service Award

    40th Anniversary Celebration Dates

    Presented to
    Our Leader and Dedicated Employee

    Leadership Quote by Warren Bennis:
    Leadership is the capacity to
    turn a vision into a reality.

    Please accept our sincere gratitude
    in celebration of your 40 years
    of outstanding leadership, influence,
    commitment, inspiration and vision.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

Pinnacle Work Anniversary Gift Plaques are the perfect way to say thank you to dedicated employees. It is a beautiful tribute to reward staff for loyal service to your company, school or organization. Jutting upward into an impressive peak, this attractive, light catching crystal work of art is upscale without being overstated. The Work Anniversary Gift Plaque wording is free with purchase, and because your sentiments are deep etched instead of painted, your carefully chosen employee anniversary quotes will last a lifetime.

Instead of selecting a generic, wooden long service award plaque, consider this sleek, beautifully designed Pinnacle Work Anniversary Plaque. The sample features the years of service highlighted with gold color accents and set off with flowering vines for an elegant touch. The trapezoidal base is ideal for engraving your work anniversary wording ideas, and perfectly balances this pinnacle display piece.


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