Pastor Ordination Gift

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  • #79-A

    Congratulations Gift For Ordination


    Your life has been set
    apart to celebrate
    the mysteries of Christ,
    to proclaim the good
    news of salvation, to
    lead the lost from
    darkness into the light.

    Blessings to you
    on your Ordination!

    Congratulations on this special day of your Ordination!
  • #79-B

    Pastor Installation Day Gift


    Through the Imposition of Hands
    and the Invocation of the Holy Spirit
    by His Excellency Eli Mendoza
    Bishop of the Maronite Eparchy
    of Our Lady of Lebanon
    In the presence of His Excellency
    Bishop Emeritus Robert Hamilton
    At Saint Raymond Cathedral

    “But the one who endures to
    the end, he will be saved.”
    Matthew 24:13

    May this special day bring blessings
    to you and all you serve.
  • #79-C

    Deacon Ordination Congratulations

    Deacon’s Ordination


    On This Special Sunday,
    the 24th of August 2014

    You have been chosen as
    a person “of good report, full
    of the Spirit and of wisdom,”
    and capable of serving the
    congregation of
    Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

    “Ye have not chosen ME,
    but I have chosen YOU, and
    ORDAINED you, that YE
    should GO and BRING
    forth FRUIT, and that your
    fruit should REMAIN.”
    John 15:16

    Anointed on this day to share in the Priesthood of Christ!
  • #79-D

    Appreciation Gift for Deacon Ministry


    Christ The King Baptist
    Church recognizes your many
    years of dedicated and faithful
    service to the Deacon Ministry.
    With our heartfelt gratitude.

    “So, brothers and sisters,
    choose seven of your own men
    who are good, full of the Spirit
    and full of wisdom. We will put
    them in charge of this work.”

    Acts 6:3 New Century Version

    Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation. - Mark 16:15
  • #79-E

    Congratulations Gift for Ordained Deacon


    Congratulations on being
    ordained as a Deacon.
    We are all proud of you as you
    embark upon this new mission
    in life. We know that you
    will be a great and faithful
    servant. With love .....

    Your Family

    Faithful Servant!
    The Lord your God
    will bless you in all
    your work, and in
    everything you
    put your hand to.

    Deuteronomy 15:10

  • #79-F

    Appreciation Gift for a Very Special Pastor


    We Thank God for you Pastor!
    For your willingness to give of yourself
    With a desire to love God to the very end
    following the Bible path each new day
    Tending your flock in the Savior’s way.
    You have blessed our lives.

    “Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy
    of double honor, especially those who labor
    in the word and doctrine.” 1Tim.5:17

    Love And Appreciation For A Very Special Pastor

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Product Description

Resembling the shape of an open Bible and featuring details from the ordinal ceremony, this pastor ordination gift conveys a reverent congratulations to the newly ordained pastor and celebrates his/her commitment to the church.

This ordination gift can also be customized to honor priests and deacons being ordained into ministry. Your minister has honored the word of the Lord for so long; on this special date they legally become ordained minister, show your appreciation of his unbreakable faith.

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