Thank You Military! Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #291-A

    Navy Sailor Thank You Gift

    Thank You!


    Our country is proud of you.
    We are all so grateful
    For everything you do!
    With our flags waving, we
    will proudly stand and say

    Thank you!

    We honor you today,
    for serving our country!

    A gift from your friends & family ~ Presented September 2015

  • #291-B

    Marine Thank You Gift

    Thank You!

    Guest of Honor

    Thank you for your service to
    Honor, Courage & Commitment!
    Your leadership by example and
    behavior above reproach
    represents what the Corps is
    all about! We honor you today!

  • #291-C

    Army Soldier Thank You Gift



    Thank You Dad,
    for your service and for giving
    us the freedom we have.

    May generations to come find
    a way to always thank your
    generation for what they have.

    From your grateful family. We Love You!

  • #291-D

    Military Recruiter Thank You Gift

    Thank You for your numerous
    years serving many veterans and job seekers
    with heart, dedication, and compassion.


    “All the best HEROES are
    ORDINARY people who
    make themselves

  • #291-E

    Military Veteran Thank You Gift

    Thank You!


    Thank you for all of your
    dedication and support.
    We couldn’t have done
    it without you!

    AJPME 14-1 Seminar B
    “Push it Up!”

  • #291-F

    Military Nurse Thank You Gift

    Thank You & Good Luck!


    In gratitude for your outstanding
    performance and dedicated patient
    care. You have been an invaluable
    asset to the GLWACH family and
    will be dearly missed.

    Thank you for your service to Honor,
    Duty and Country! Thank you for your
    commitment and passion to our cause!

    Good luck in your future endeavors
    and we will keep you in our hearts.


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Product Description

Say a warm and patriotic "Thank You Troops!" to U.S. military men and women. Honor them for dedicated service, remember their sacrifices and express your gratitude for all they do to protect our freedoms at home.

With a backdrop of Old Glory waving proudly, a big "Thank You!" draws attention to this beautiful patriotic gift. You can customize this lovely plaque with a personal message, military emblems or insignia or a meaningful seal. This gesture will make it a truly unique thank you military plaque. It can also be used for Veteran's Day, Military Family Appreciation Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, or simply as a gift you want to give "just because."

What a great thank you gift for our troops!

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