Law Enforcement Retirement Award

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #513-A

    Best Wishes Retirement Award

    Upon Your Retirement

    Special Retiring Agent

    In recognition of your commitment
    to prevent and detect fraud and abuse.
    Your influence in conducting criminal
    investigations have helped us to accomplish
    our mission of setting higher standards.

    We appreciation your hard work to identify
    and curtail labor racketeering and corruption.

    Thank You For Your Outstanding Public Service

    Office of Labor Rackettering
    and Fraud Investigation
    Department of Labor

  • #513-B

    Constable Retirement Plaque

    Upon Your Retirement

    Retiring Deputy Constable

    Congratulations On Your Retirement.
    Thank You For Your 18 Years Of Service
    To The Dallas County Constables.

    You Will Be Greatly Missed.

    County of Dallas Seal
    State of Texas

  • #513-C

    District Attorney Recognition Award

    To An Assistant District Attorney

    In recognition of 40 years of service
    to the citizens of Brooklyn and your
    dedication to seeking justice for those
    who could not speak for themselves.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

Only a small percentage of the work force chooses law enforcement as a career, but those who do are in a class by themselves. Enforcing the judicial system and keeping communities safe is a noble profession, but the work can be both trying and dangerous.

This unique Law Enforcement Retirement Award is one of the few, fitting ways to send an agent of the law into retirement.

This Best Wishes Retirement Award has a strong, sturdy cut and is self-supporting. Perfect as an Officer Retirement Plaque, you can easily add a county, state or agency seal to the design as well as your personalized words of congratulations.

Retirement is the next great adventure, so celebrate it with appropriate flair.

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