50th Anniversary Gift

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

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    Happy Golden Anniversary to Mom and Dad

    Happy Wedding Anniversary!

    Mom and Dad

    God blessed you in the kindest
    way and kept you in His care.
    He gave you something beautiful -
    fifty years to share ...
    May you recall with joy, today,
    the special things you’ve done.
    And lovingly reflect upon your
    memories, one by one. 

    With Love from Your Children

    A 50th Anniversary is a rare milestone to reach. As a child whose parents stuck together through thick and thin, celebrating the life they built together and the fact that they raised you can be difficult. This Wedding Anniversary Gift for Mom & Dad honors the memories created over the years, and is the perfect gift from children to parents.
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    Happy 50th Anniversary Gift for Parents

    Happy 50th Anniversary!

    To Our Loving Parents
    On Their Wedding Anniversary

    May the years you’ve shared together and
    the dreams you’ve seen come true, all help to fill
    this special day with joy for the both of you.

    With Love from Your Children

    After 50 years of marriage, parents have seen tears of joy and sadness. They have had good days and bad. 50 years have been filled with milestones worth celebrating. This Golden Anniversary Gift for your parents pays tribute to 50 years of creating and sharing their life as a team.
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    Gift Idea for Spouse on Golden Anniversary

    On Our Golden Anniversary

    To My Dear and Loving Wife

    Being together with caring patience and
    unconditional love throughout 50 years.
    Letting God guide us. Creating our children... 
    that they see and know what true love is...
    by unconditional love to each other,
    for 50 years today... to 50 more from now. 

    With Love From Your Husband

    A customizable 50th Anniversary Gift Plaque, this piece is a most special gift from one spouse to another on your Golden Anniversary. The gold cross design combined with a heartfelt message to your significant other commemorate a long Christian life spent in love with your soulmate.
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    Happy 50th Anniversary Gift to Parents

    Happy 50th Anniversary

    Mom and Dad

    Being married 50 years is such an accomplishment.
    Having God in your marriage continues to get you
    through the hurdles that life has for all of us.
    Thank you both for giving us a foundation to
    build on. We love you both so much and we thank
    God every day for having you in our lives.

    Happy Anniversary From Your Loving Children

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Product Description

Some people will never get to be a part of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Preserving a marriage for 50 years is a rare feat, one that inspires admiration and encourages some couples to renew their vows.

A 50th anniversary gift should reflect all of the beautiful memories and milestones that have been reached throughout the last five decades.

Finding an anniversary gift for parents isn't easy, but this incredibly delicate, eye catching crystal plaque is a unique option. The shape is artfully designed, and the personal details are deep etched for lifelong impact. This plaque is perfect for inscription; there is ample room to engrave a beautiful message or a loving quotation.

Crystal Central can turn even the most personalized piece around and deliver it in a matter of days. Gold color fill as a nod to this golden anniversary makes this plaque a perfect anniversary gift for couples. It is artistic and romantic and will give the recipients a real sense of pride for the many years spent committed to and in love with their spouse.

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