Flame Leadership Plaque

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #453-A

    Excellent Leadership Award Idea

    To A Fearless Leader

    Thanks For All You Do!

    In Recognition of Outstanding Leadership

    Leadership Award Quote:

    “A true leader has the confidence
    to stand alone, the courage to make
    tough decisions, and the compassion
    to listen to the needs of others. 
    He does not set out to be a leader
    but becomes one by the equality of
    his actions and the integrity of
    his intention.”
    - Douglas McArthur

    You Are World’s Best Boss!

  • #453-B

    Sample Supervisor of the Year Award

    Best Supervisor Award

    Presented to an Excellent
    Manager and Team Leader

    Excellent Leadership Quote:

    "A leader is one who knows the way,
    goes the way, and shows the way."

    We, the employee’s of Uno Foods,
    Thank you for the outstanding Vision,
    Dedication, and Commitment to
    Excellence you have brought to us!!

    You are family for life!!

    This Supervisor of the Year Award is the perfect gift for your team leader. The unique design of the flame creates a truly memorable gift that is the perfect way to show your appreciation and honor excellent leadership and management skills.
  • #453-C

    Best Boss Award of Excellence

    Presented to

    A Great Boss

    In Recognition for Your
    20 Years of Vision, Passion and
    Dedication Leading the Industry,
    Community and Colleagues.

    Your inspiration and devotion
    are an example to us all!

    We thank you wholeheartedly.

    Best of the Best

    The Best Boss Award of Excellence is a great way to honor your boss, the president or vice president of your company, your manager, and any other key leaders within your organization. This is a gift idea for National Boss's Day, boss's birthday gift, work anniversary award, and excellent boss recognition.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

Consider the beauty of a fire; the colors dancing within the flames, the sparks popping, alive with energy. The flame has always been a symbol of passion, intensity and fearless drive to excellence. It's only fitting that our Flame Leadership Plaque be a favorite each year on Boss’s Day.

The cut of this piece is the shape of a flame, and the outer edge was cleverly designed with room for a changeable message. The plaque face and base can also be engraved and decorated with a logo or clip art. The option to add color fills of your choice makes this award truly customizable.

The flame conveys something beyond hard work. It stands for more than the status quo. The flame was created to burn brightly and sustain momentum. Our Flame Leadership Plaque embodies these qualities of the fire, and is the perfect symbol to recognize an excellent leader.

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