Curved Crystal Plaques

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    All My Love Gift Plaque

    All My Love Gift Plaque

    For My Wonderful Wife With All My Love

    We've shared a lot of happiness.
    We've seen some dreams come true.
    And every now and then we've
    had our share of worries, too.
    But every day our love has grown
    still deeper than before,
    And with each passing year,
    I know I'll love you even more.

    Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary!

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    Anniversary Gift Plaque

    Anniversary Gift Plaque

    To A Very Special Couple

    May the years you've shared together and
    the dreams you've seen come true,
    all help to fill this special day with joy
    for the both of you.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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Product Description

The cut of these beautiful, crystal curved plaques is bold and fine. The plaque draws light in and reflects it back giving this piece a gorgeous radiance.

Curved plaques have a sweeping elegance that is suitable for all different occasions. The vast engraving space available is perfect for inscribing your heartfelt sentiments or words of encouragement.

Love is Patient Gift Plaques and Christian Love Gifts feature popular scripture from Corinthians inscribed within the plaque. If you choose an All My Love Gift Plaque, a beautiful frosted heart perfectly centers your personalized message and delicate scrollwork adds artistic detail. The Stars of Love Crystal Plaque is perfect for any romantic occasion. Radiant stars spangle the background and vibrant red hearts form a beautifully abstract heart shape of their own to enclose your sweet words.

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