Crystal Heart Gifts

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #369-A

    Happy Anniversary Gift for Wife

    To My Dear & Loving Wife

    When we fell in love, I gave you my heart.
    When we got married, I gave you my promise.
    And as long as I live, I will give you my love.

    Happy Anniversary with Love!

    From Your Beloved Husband

  • #369-B

    5 Years Anniversary Gift for Spouse

    Happy 5th Anniversary

    To My Soulmate on Our 5th Anniversary

    I am so glad to have you in my life.
    You are everything to me.

    And as long as I live,
    I will always give you my love.

  • #369-C

    Sample Christian Anniversary Love Message

    To My Loving Wife on Our Anniversary

    - We Were Meant To Be -

    One “lonesome” day God looked down from above,
    And He said, “I can see you need Someone to love.
    Someone who’s caring and gentle, and true,
    Someone whose heart beats especially for you.”
    Then, almost as if it was by God’s design,
    You entered my life and in time, You were mine.
    You brightened my world  like the rays of a star,
    And all that I hoped,  is all that You are.
    My prayers were answered the day that We met, 
    And as long as I live I will never forget,
    That some things in life are just meant to be,
    And I’m positively sure
    that is the reason God sent you to me.

    Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

  • #369-D

    Best Wife of the Year Award


    To the Best Wife in the World

    This award formally recognizes you as being the
    best wife any man could ask for, as well as being
    better than any man could expect to have.

    With All My Love, Your Husband

  • #369-E

    Heart Love Gift Idea for Girlfriend

    Celebrating Love

    To My Girlfriend & Sweetheart

    When we fell in love, I gave you my heart.
    When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you...
    When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you...
    When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you...
    Now that I love you, we will never be apart

    XOXO ~ Your Boyfriend

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Product Description

What better way to celebrate a wedding anniversary than with the perfect symbol of love?

We all know the heart is the ultimate nod to romance. Little girls doodle them in their notebooks, young couples carve them into trees; a heart beats inside all of us. Heart shaped gifts let the recipient take a little bit of romance with them, and there's no better way to preserve that love than with a crystal heart gift.

This beautiful heart, resting whimsically on its beveled edge is hand-polished so it shines with a light of its own. The brilliant cut of the piece gives it the solid significance that you won't find in other heart gifts. Available in two different sizes, there is ample space on this crystal heart to deep etch a personal message or add a little detail design. The clarity of the crystal is beautifully pure, but accent color for design work and inscription are also available. For your next anniversary, give a gift that will last as long as the relationship it is honoring.

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