Circle Service Recognition Plaques

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #1-A

    Employee Long Service Award


    Presented to
    A Loyal Team Member
    On Your Work Anniversary

    In Grateful Appreciation For Your
    Loyal and Distinguished Service

    Team Member Start Date

    This Beautiful Personalized Award
    Makes a Perfect Gift to Employees
    on Their Work Anniversary

  • #1-B

    Employee Years of Service Award Wording

    In Appreciation 
    To A Dedicated Employee

    Celebrating A Quarter Century of Commitment

    For your many years of service,
    loyalty, dedication and genuine kindness 
    to our team and customers.

    25 Years of Service

    A Heartwarming Message To Express Appreciation For Many Years of Loyal and Dedicated Service

  • #1-C

    Employee Anniversary Recognition Award Wording Ideas

    In Appreciation
    To A Senior Leading Partner

    In Grateful Appreciation for 5 Years of 
    Dedicated Service, Business Insight,
    Consultation, Expertise and Professionalism
    Provided as Lead Partner

    With Appreciation From Your Team

    Gift Ideas To Colleague, Leader, Boss On Their Milestone Work Anniversary

  • #1-D

    10 Years of Service Award Example


    Presented to
    An Outstanding Staff Member

    With This Award In Appreciation
    For Your Ten Years of Outstanding
    and Dedicated Service

    Personalized Award Plaque For
    Employee Service Award Programs

What Our Customers Are Saying

Product Description

Sticking with one educational institution, company or service organization for a decade or longer is not a feat everyone achieves. The occasion of reaching a major employment milestone should be properly honored with a gift like our unique Circle Service Recognition Plaque. When you choose your award wording, you'll have ample engraving room for poetry, a quote or a special message of thanks.

Personalized 10 and 20 Years of Service Plaques are a beautiful way to honor decade(s) of tenure. These awards can also be designed to pay tribute to 25 Years of Service, honoring a quarter century of hard work and dedication. Each of these pieces may be embellished with a Years of Service emblem, and a visually beautiful line pattern. This award can be easily personalized with a company logo or symbol, and can be adjusted for any number of years.

This gift will never fade from memory or break down over time. It's an ideal way to honor loyalty and commitment.

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