Book Appreciation Gift Plaques

Sample Designs & Wording Messages

  • #169-A

    Music Director Appreciation Gift Wording

    Thank You!
    For Being The Best
    Music Director & Teacher

    Presented to

    Our Favorite Music Director and Teacher

    TCHS Orchestra
    2012 - 2014

    Thank you for your dedication and
    commitment to the music program at
    The Colony High School.

    Your incredible talent, limitless passion,
    and wonderful sense of humor have
    not only made us better musicians,
    but also, better people.

    Thank you for sharing with us
    what music means to you.

  • #169-B

    Appreciation Gift for Parents

    Dear Dad & Mom,

    We all want you to know how much of  a difference 
    you both have made in all of our lives.
    You’re both kind, giving, caring, supportive,
    and loving parents. You both always think of us
    before yourselves. You both care for
    all of us with all of your hearts and it shows.

    We want to say thank you for everything
    you have done for us. You are both very
    special to us and always will be.

    We Love You Both

  • #169-C

    Appreciation Gift for School Staff

    Thank You!

    We offer our deepest appreciation to all the
    administration, staff & teachers for everything
    you have done for us while at Christian Academy.
    You will be one of the greatest chapters
    in our Books of Life.

    - Class of 2014 -

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Product Description

The open book is the ultimate symbol of possibility. Words like education, adventure, spirituality and romance pour out of books, which are the ultimate vehicles for transport.

This gorgeous hand crafted crystal book is ideal for an appreciation gift. The wide face is perfect for personalization. You can engrave a personal thank you message, poetry, a quotation, part of a speech, a passage from a novel, you name it. The space is ideal for adding a little color or transposing an image or logo to make this crystal appreciation plaque one of a kind. It sits on a sleek base, also ideal for engraving, which makes this thank you plaque a permanent display piece.

This gift will stand the test of time and make an instant memory.

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