Pastor Appreciation Gifts; Gift Ideas for Pastors, Priests and Deacons

Thank You Pastor
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  • Pastor and His Wife Tribute

    Pastor and His Wife Tribute

    $109.99 - $169.99 $109.99 - $169.99

    A tribute to pastor and his wife. Personalized with your favorite Bible verses, this appreciation gift honors pastor and his for their tireless service to the church and congregation.

  • Thank You Pastor Gift

    Thank You Pastor Gift

    $99.99 - $159.99 $99.99 - $159.99

    The radiant cross reflects throughout the crystal giving it a spiritual effect. This Trinity Plaque is a unique gift idea for a range of pastor appreciation occasions.

  •  First Lady Appreciation Day Gift

    First Lady Appreciation Day Gift

    $109.99 - $169.99 $109.99 - $169.99

    Come celebrate First Lady Appreciation Day with this lovely offering – an amazing appreciation gift customized just for her. We honor our First Lady of the church – a great woman of faith.

  • Star Pastor Appreciation Gift

    Star Pastor Appreciation Gift

    $129.99 - $199.99 $129.99 - $199.99

    Thank you pastor for being a guiding star to others. This pastor gift, highlighted by the shining cross on top, recognizes pastors for spiritual leadership and guidance.

  • Pastor Appreciation Cross

    Pastor Appreciation Cross

    $109.99 - $149.99 $109.99 - $149.99

    Rejoice with the pastor, teacher, minister, or church leader in celebrating their accomplishments! This Crystal Cross Plaque can be engraved with your personal congrats messages/scripture. A perfect gift choice for your devoted pastors!

  • Pastor Retirement Gift

    Pastor Retirement Gift

    $129.99 - $199.99 $129.99 - $199.99

    Retirement is not the end but a new chapter in life. This Pastor Retirement gift shows your appreciation and best wishes for the retiring/departing pastors.

  • Pastor Ordination Gift

    Pastor Ordination Gift

    $109.99 - $169.99 $109.99 - $169.99

    Resembling the shape of an open Bible and featuring details from the ordinal ceremony, this ordination gift conveys a reverent congratulation for the newly ordained pastor.

  • Ordination Congratulations Gift

    Ordination Congratulations Gift

    $169.99 $169.99

    Congratulations on your ordination! This ordination gifts congratulates the newly ordained deacons, pastors and priests as they begin service to God's people.

  • 50th Ordination Anniversary Gift

    50th Ordination Anniversary Gift

    $89.99 - $109.99 $89.99 - $109.99

    50 years of ministry service is a big accomplishment. This unique gift is designed to rejoice with your pastors celebrating their anniversary milestones.

  • Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

    Pastor Appreciation Gift Plaques

    $99.99 - $139.99 $99.99 - $139.99

    Thank you pastors for being a true reflection of Christ in all that they do and say. This pastor appreciation gift plaque offers a great way to say "Thank You, Pastor!"

  • Bible Ordination Anniversary Gift

    Bible Ordination Anniversary Gift

    $109.99 - $169.99 $109.99 - $169.99

    Personalize with your favorite Bible verse, this unique anniversary gift expresses appreciation to those celebrating their anniversaries to priesthood or diaconate.