Free Engraving

Unlike other award companies that charge a flat rate for inscriptions, or assess a fee per word, our engraving services are offered absolutely free of charge!

Our deep-etch engraving process, also known as sandblasting, is precise and high quality. We use a very fine engraving material that is applied to the surface at an extremely high velocity which ensures that your special personalization comes out exactly as you envisioned.

We choose to deep-etch engrave your inscription so that your insignia, logos and/or personal messages will never fade, lighten or peel. You can engrave notes, quotations, poetry or an excerpt from a favorite work of literature. If you choose a plaque, award or monument with multiple engraving surfaces, you can take advantage of that second or third space free of charge!

Help unique gift ideas come to life with our exclusive color fill service! Choose from a variety of color palettes from primary to fluorescent to metallic to make each award deeply personal. All colored design work is hand painted within the deep etching for precision and permanence.

For the same flat $10 fee, every surface of your plaque or award that features engraving can also feature color fill. Specific designs like years of service numbers and patriotic details can also be enhanced with color. Our most popular shades include Mars Black, Metallic Gold, Primary Blue, Primary Red, Titanium White and Metallic Silver, but you can be as creative as you'd like with all color options available. Depending on its size and complexity, as many as four colors can be included on a single image. Logos and seals that are too detailed for multiple colors can be hand painted with one dominant hue or a variation color that's completely different. While we don't match colors precisely like printing companies or represent gradients, we have several palettes on hand to suit any special occasion.